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"Zen Painting" is an application that allows you to create "Sumi-e (India Ink Painting)", "Suibokuga (Ink Wash Painting)" and "Nihonga / Ukiyo-e (Japanese-Style Painting)" Style Image from camera, photographs and illustrations easily.
"Sumi-e / Suibokuga" and "Nihonga / Ukiyo-e" are Japanese traditional painting.
You can create easily "Sumi-e/Suibokuga" that represent all colors of nature by bleeding and shades of ink and "Nihonga / Ukiyo-e" that drawn by unshaded pale color and solid contour Style Image from photo or illustration.

You might have seen Hanging Scroll of "Sumi-e (India Ink Painting)" or "Suibokuga (Ink Wash Painting)", if you have visited Japanese Temple or Shrine. They were drawn by only india ink.
Once upon a time people said "India ink has five colors" and they drew all colors of nature by bleeding and shades of india ink. Also, they have expressed the teachings of Buddhism and Zen by "Sumi-e" or "Suibokuga".

In addition, you might have seen colored hanging scroll.
They called "Nihonga (Japanese-Style Painting)". Many of them were drawn by "Rock Paint". The painting of the customs of the era is called "Ukiyo-e".
Soft style by unshaded pale color and solid contour is charm of "Nihonga".

If you interested in "Sumi-e", "Suibokuga" and "Nihonga / Ukiyo-e" by reading this description, please try to use "Zen Painting".
You will be able to create the "Sumi-e", "Suibokuga" and "Nihonga / Ukiyo-e" style image from photo stored on your smart phones or tablets!
*If you want to save "Suibokuga" Image or "Nihonga / Ukiyo-e" Image, you need to purchase Add-on.

If you enjoyed by this App, I'm glad.

Main function of App

  1. Create "Sumi-e (India Ink Painting)" style image and save it.
  2. Create "Suibokuga (Ink Wash Painting)" style image and save it. *Add-on is required in order to save.
  3. Create "Nihonga / Ukiyo-e (Japanese-Style Painting)" style image and save it. *Add-on is required in order to save.


For iPhone・iPad



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